Premieres of theater pieces performed by at-risk youth

On August 9th, 700 people attended the public presentation of the plays “Victim of my dreams” and “The Bait”. Both produced by young people at risk between 12 and 17 years old from Kasserine (Tunisia). This presentation, which took place during the Summer Cultural Festival in Sers-El Kef, brought together different generations, genders and social classes.

The young people responsible for the design of the theatrical pieces were trained in the techniques of the forum theatre as part of the project “SALAM: Preventing Violent Extremism in Tunisia” by the Tunisian NGO Free Sight Association (which is member of the national secretariat of the OPEV in Tunisia) and with the collaboration of the Tunisian artists Ayoub Jaouadi and Khawla Louhichi.

This festival had as speakers Jamel Mouelhi, the festival’s director, the president of Free Sight and representative of the OPEV in Tunisia, Arbia Jebali, and all the artists, Ayoub Jaouadi and Khawla Louhichi,  who had accompanied the teenagers the making-process of the plays.

Synopsys of the plays:

“Victim of my dreams”: Angham is a girl who loves arts and dreams of becoming an actress. But her family refuses to it. In a patriarchal society, her father and brother begin to oppress the girl through the use of men’s authority.

The bait“: Ahmed is a young boy wich mother passed away. He currently lives with her father and stepmother, who treat him unequally compared to their other children. He is forced to drop out of school and to search for a job. These two events in his life make him vulnerable to drugs and to other components of risk.