A workshop to examine the role of art and culture in the PVE

The 16th of December, artists, collectives and organisations that work in the themes of culture, art and human rights in Tunisia met all together to share their views on how culture and art could be useful to reinforce the local resilience, to promote social cohesion and to fight against social exclusion and stigmatisation of the most vulnerable collectives.

The gathering allowed to share the different experiences and representations in where art was conceived as a creator of spaces to deconstruct dogmas and circumstances that triggered and maintain a vicious spiral of violence and the multiples variations of violent extremism.

The main recommendations that came from this meeting have been discussed and adapted to the artistic interventions of the different profiles for which those were addressed: promote the role of artistic expressions in defence of the fundamental rights and liberties, seen it more as a mean than an end; encourage those people with which we work (especially the young) in order to them believe in their competences and make them more participant, not only as mere spectators but also involving the youth in the process of creation; the importance of appropriation of this type of interventions for the establishments in where those are devoted; to evaluate the impact on the sense of group/community; the recognition that the teenagers could feel to have through these interventions; and the feeling of success for their artistic displays, making them eager to continue building an alternative culture from violence.