Thousands of people participate in the premiere of the theatrical play “Yssir 3la Nsè”

This piece, designed by 12 to 17-year-old students from Le Kef as part of  the “SALAM: Preventing Violent Extremism in Tunisia” project, was presented on August 3rd during the Festival Nassamèt El Mansoura, held in Kesra (Tunisia).

“Yssir 3la Nsè” presents the story of Warda, a young girl underestimated by her family, abused by her employer in her seasonal work, harassed in the public space and blamed by her family and the society. The presentation of the play was followed by a debate by applying the technique of the forum theater where the “Jocker” (or facilitator) asked the spectators to replace certain actors / actresses so that the situation unfolds differently. This made it possible to propose alternative narratives to the extremist patriarchal mentality.

The audience -composed by people of different generations, genres, and social strata- followed attentively the presentation of the play. In addition, they interacted with the “Jocker” by mounting a scene that offered alternatives to change the situation of the protagonist, Warda.

The team in charge of designing this piece is formed by teenagers from 12 to 17 years old students that have been trained by Free Sight Association (a member of the national secretariat of OPEV in Tunisia) with the collaboration of the NGO L’espace Artisto and the Tunisian artists Ayoub Jaouadi and Khawla Louhichi during several weeks. This first presentation of the piece in the context of a festival was very moving for the group of teenagers responsible of the design the piece. The premiere was a success, to the point that the public did not stop applauding them.