What we do

We are determined to promote an agenda for action as agile and far reaching as the phenomena itself. We acknowledge that our regional and transnational dimensions, based on a real and honest partnership, is one of our main added values to make a relevant contribution in our societies. As violent extremism do not respect borders, national and global action has to be complemented by enhanced regional cooperation.

For that, following the goals of the Plan of Action of the Euromediterranean civil society, OPEV aims to:

  • Monitor the drivers and impact of ALL forms of violent extremism.
  • Reinforce education and community resilience.
  • Strengthen the responsibility to protect the victim.
  • Ensure the protection of Human Rights in Counter Terrorism laws.
  • Promote gender justice and expose gender specificities.
  • Reinforce the role of youth as actors for change.
  • Promote democratic values and protect civil society space.
  • Raise alternative narratives in social media and traditional media.
  • Promote the adoption of local, regional and National Plans of Actions.