A New Tunisian Plan of Action for the PEV

On the 22nd of February, NOVACT, the CMODH and the Tunisian Human Rights League (LTDH) organized the seminar “Reinforcing Resilience and Alternative Discourses: Towards a New Tunisian Plan of Action for the Prevention of Violent Extremism?” where more than 60 Tunisian civil society organizations, representatives of the United Nations and Wim Kok, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and former President of the Club of Madrid, participated. This seminar presented different international strategies for the prevention of violent extremism, the main outputs of the Barcelona conference “Towards a new paradigm: preventing violent extremism” and discussed the priorities between the Civil society organizations, who emphasized the importance of networking and collecting priority actions for the country.

Furthermore, NOVACT, the CMODH and the LTDH organized a seminar with the main Tunisian youth organizations to present the action plan adopted in Barcelona and to create a joint prevention strategy in Tunisia. The Tunisian youth expressed their willingness to adhere to the plan of action as well as their concern at the unemployment and social exclusion rates that are facing young people in the country, as well as the lack of opportunities for young people to participate in the democratic construction of the country.

The Euro-Mediterranean Civil Society Action Plan for the Prevention of Violent Extremism was drawn up at the Barcelona conference “Towards a New Paradigm: Preventing Violent Extremism”, attended by more than 320 participants of 172 civil society associations from 22 Countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region. This plan of action aims to make a constructive contribution by civil society in the prevention of violent extremism, addressing this phenomenon in all its perspectives and forms, from institutional violence to hate speech. The adoption of the plan of action brings together and harmonises the actions of the civil society in the region, and favorises the adoption of a joint strategy to deal with hate and intolerance.