Closure of the forum-theatres’ workshops

The 2nd of June, the artists Ayoub Jaouadi and Khawla Louhichi, of the organisation Espace L’artiso, put to an end the cycle of ateliers of forum-theatre productions organised by Free Sight Association and addressed to the youth of the different governmental delegations of Ariana, Le Kef and Kasserine.

This activity, which is framed in the project SALAM for the prevention of violent extremism in #Tunisie of #OPEV and financed by the European Union and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development, has allowed the youth enrolled in the project to produce diverse theatrical plays within a three months period.  

The next step will be the production of an art camp in Kef from the 10th to the 14th of June. In this camp, the three groups of young artists from the regions of Ariana, Le Kef and Kasserine will meet all together. The gathering aims to assist the teenagers with their plays and for them to be advised in regards to their performances with artists from Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, France and Canada.