According to the UNFPA1, youth in Palestine comprise 30% of the population, of which 38.1% are adolescents aged 15-19 and 61.9% aged 20-29. The Palestinian society is commonly described as a ‘young society’; However, Palestinian youth face various challenges affecting their economic, social and health wellbeing. Absence of a conducive political, social and economic environment for youth and adolescents to become socially engaged increases the potential for high risk behaviors such as violence.

The main goal of this campaign was to compare real circus to the real life of the Palestinian people and speak to both national and international audiences in reference to the ongoing situation. A collaboration with the Palestinian Circus School (PCS) was established to share experience on the content and the visual materials for the designed posters that were designed based upon the circus values.

10 posters were published across OPEV’s Facebook and Twitter social media platforms and shared on NOVACT and the Palestinian Circus School’s Facebook Page. The content of each publication was designed to carry a message that reflect a value taught in the circus, while comparing it to the ongoing political context in Palestine.

The political Circus operates to make the children of Palestine feel safe and secure.

The Political Circus performs fireworks shows from time to time on the Palestinians’ skies and in front of their children.

Palestinians support each other in facing challenges and threats imposed by the Political Circus in Palestine.

Political Circus members cooperate against Palestinians to protect their best interest.

Freedom of Mobility
The Political Circus began setting a circus tent’s wall in Palestine in 2002.

The Political Circus fills the lives of the Palestinians with joy and happiness while they celebrate their occasions and holidays.

The Political Circus presents shows to the Palestinians everywhere, without any exception.

The Political Circus teaches the children of Palestine the skill of balancing in life.

Freedom of Expression
Freedom of expression is an essential component of the Political Circus in Palestine.

The Political Circus believes that it can decide the fate of the Palestinians!