Conference about Social Media and Youth Campaigns 

After the completion of the Violent Extremism Prevention Camp, the media officer of the ‘’Building Peace and Preventing Violent Extremism’’ held a conference in the 23rd of September. This project is found within the Youth Engagement for Peace and the activities of the Youth Camp to prevent violent extremism, which took place the first week of September. In the conference she gave detailed presentation on the importance of media and social platforms in the scope of working with project members and the promotion of youth campaigns in the provinces of Iraq. 

The exposition of the findings showed how social media is a very useful tool in order to reach young people and get them more involved and therefore increasing the participation in the projects, all the attendants held an open conversation over the importance of social media when documenting all the activities related with youth activities, peacebuilding campaigns and the prevention of violent extremism. 

Both projects would not have been possible without the funding of United Nation Population Fund and the cooperation between OPEV, Un Ponte Per, the Iraqi Social Forum, the Iraqi Civil Society Initiative, LaOnf and Novact.