“BADIL: Preventing Violent Extremism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. An approach based in Peacebuilding and Human Rights”

This February 2021, members of the Palestinian Authority Ministries of Interior, Social Affairs, Justice and Women Affairs follow a 6-day participatory training on  “Techniques and tools to enhance responsiveness of the governmental public policies to peoples’ needs, with a special focus on youth and women”

This OPEV’s Observatory training aims to provide techniques and tools for institutional actors to enhance their work in public policing in relation with direct peoples’ needs through a better understanding of the conditions and drivers that lead to the emergence of violence within society and the different alternatives for the prevention of violence.

The following training aims to enhance public institutions capacity to protect citizens’ human rights, increasing human security and equality, through a better understanding on violence prevention tools and strategies.

The training will provide a better understanding and deeper knowledge on:

  • The conditions and structural and legal context conducive to violence
  • The impact of the continuous nonfulfillment of needs on the emergence of violence   within society, its structural and cultural drivers, root causes beyond behaviours
  • The relation between violence and marginalization
  • Conflict handling
  • Leaving no one behind principles as a mechanism of creating base for social inclusion
  • Creation of no harm interactions through public policies to prevent violence, especially those regarding youth and women
  • Tools and strategies on how to create transcendence solutions: developing alternative structural solutions and alternative engagement mechanisms to peoples’ needs.