Pushing forward: the issue of violence and PVE in Palestine 

Multi stake-holder session in the frameworkof the project “BADIL: Preventing Violent Extremism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. An approach based in Peacebuilding and Human Rights”, co-organized by Novact, Al-Marsad -Social and Economic Policies Monitor, Muwatin Institute for Democracy and Human RIghts (Birzeit University) and the Palestinian Circus School,

The Palestinian society has suffered from violence systematically as the result of several factors, all stemming from an imbalance of power which come together to form what we call a “violent environment”.

Al-Marsad and Muwatin Institute in depth researches identify violence from its roots and help understand not only the cause of violence in society, but also the role violence plays and the ends to which violence is used as a means.


MODERATION I Ashraf Abu Hayyah – Legal adviser for AL-HAQ

11:00h I Introductory Session

NOVACT  I  Luca Gervasoni I A threshold crossed: no security without rights
MUWATIN I Mudar Kassis I  Conceptualizing Violence in Palestine
PALESTINIAN CIRCUS I Mohammad Rabah I Alternative Tools for Social Change  

11:35h I Research Results

MUWATIN I Haya Atatra
Integrative Approach to Violence in Palestine
Political and legal Analysis of Structural and Colonial violence
AL-MARSAD I Firas Jaber
Results’ Surveys on Violence within Palestinian Civil Society

12:35h I Q&A

Simultaneous Translation will be provided:
Arabic – English

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