Building a common position

From January 28th to 30th, Barcelona hosted the conference “Towards a new paradigm: Preventing Violent Extremism”, involving 322 people representing 172 institutions from 22 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The conference, co-organized by NOVACT and the CMODH, gave different outputs:

Questioned the current definition of violent extremism to include in this category ALL forms of violent extremism.
Emphasized the enormous human rights costs generated by anti-terrorist policies and to denounce how violent extremism is used to stigmatize social movements and CSO working in social transformation and human rights promotion.
Reinforced the role and the commitment of civil society organizations in the prevention of violent extremism. Civil society organizations have a key role in this field, and that is why we want to create a space to define it.
Allowed the participatory definition of the Plan of Action of the Euro-Mediterranean region for the prevention of ALL forms of violent extremism. Understood as a regional and transnational agreement, the Action Plan is endowed with 91 activities, classified into a decalogue of objectives.
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