International training on PEV:

Building bridges between all actors working in PVE in the MENA region

In line with the continued efforts in PVE, the OPEV organized a cross-border training involving partner organizations from Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine consisting of two sessions held the 7th and 14th September. 

Currently, the OPEV and NOVACT are carrying out the SALAM, HADAF, and BADIL projects in Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine respectively. Locally, these projects are aimed at reinforcing the PVE capacities of the population and at producing specific proposals and ideas in this field.  

In consonance with the local efforts, the training sought to introduce its participants to the concept of violent extremism and how to prevent it, taking into account the different contexts. In order to achieve this, three different main objectives were outlined, which constituted the first part of the training: 

  • To identify the different concepts related to violence and extremism. 
  • To analyze the root causes of violence and violent extremism. 
  • To learn how to prevent it. 

Moreover, the transnational dimension of the training offered a perfect opportunity for the OPEV and its partners to share their inputs and knowledge on the problems of violent extremism.  Also, they strode towards the creation of a common vision towards PVE, including its concepts, problematics and definitions. This brainstorming session constituted the second part of the training, and allowed for a more participative methodology in opposition to the more theoretical approach of the first part.