Roadmap of recommendations from Tunisian civil society for the prevention of all forms of violent extremism in Tunisia

Preventing violent extremism has become a global priority. This objective is constantly present on the agenda of States as well as national and international organisations which have, consequently, developed national strategies and local policies in order to prevent the spread of extremism, in particular through the organization of conferences, symposia and workshops, allowing experience sharing between States.

From 2016, many measures have been put in place by a number of social actors in Tunisia, on the side of civil society as well as within institutions, to work towards the prevention of violent extremism. These initiatives have been hailed by the international community as an example of good practice. We are aware that in order to address and prevent violence in Tunisia, we must update, reaffirm and realign our prevention strategies and actions. We know that in order to be successful we need to strengthen our cooperation with actors who work with the same participatory and community approach.

The objective of this road map is to contribute to this new paradigm. Our objective is to put to work the idealism, hope, creativity and energy of civil society groups at the national level in Tunisia, in order to generate an effective and efficient alternative to radicalization and to violent extremism. We must all stand up to counter all violent extremism. And for that, we are ready to take part in any effort to achieve this objective.

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