PVE in Tunisia : Socio-sport Days

The social-sport days for young people started on Friday, November 12, 2021. They take place at the Institute of High Tourism Studies of Sidi Dhrif (IHET) every week for the next 5 months with students from the University of Carthage and teenagers from the second chance school of Beb el Khadra. A methodology based on physical activity developed by the Catalan associations Superacció and La Rotllana Associació is chosen as a tool to strengthen social cohesion and community resilience. The video produced by the ADO+ Association on the pilot week of social-sportive activities for youth organized in early October in Tunisia is already available here : https://fb.watch/9v134oEdW-/

This activity puts in place some recommendations of the Roadmap of recommendations of Tunisian civil society for the prevention of all forms of violent extremism in Tunisia published by OPEV in 2021. Following proposals 30 and 32, these days succeed in building a new narrative on young Tunisians while promoting the inclusion of educational organisations in ENP activities, in order to position young people as agents of change (Objective 5). Also, the methodology used contributes to proposal 46 by establishing a socialization in peace and respect among young people which strengthens resilience against the drift of violent extremism at local level (objective 6). Find the detailed Roadmap here : https://opev.org/activities/feuille-route-pve-tunisie/

These days are part of NOVACT’s WAHDA project, which aims to highlight the role of Tunisian civil society, especially women and young people, in preventing violent extremism through social cohesion. This activity, like the entire WAHDA project, which is funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), is carried out in cooperation with actors working in the perspective of community participation: the Fundació Solidaritat UB of the University of Barcelona and the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LTDH).

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