Professional Journalist Workshop in ARDD

The ARDD launches its media campaign on the importance of women participating in local communities, solidarity and social cohesion. ARDD in partnership with Novact and the Un Ponte Per (UPP) is implementing the ‘’INDICASERE- Research, Capacity Building, Awareness and Resilience of the Syrian host communities’’ project, funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), between mid-February 2018 until end-December 2019.  

In Jordan, the project is implemented through conducting survey research and trainings in Zarqa, Karak and Amman to raise awareness of women, CSO’s, grassroots organizations and media professionals on the importance of communities’ active participation in peace building, especially women and youth. About fifteen journalists participated in the workshop celebrated in ARDD basements in Amman the 29th of September in order to provide evidence-based knowledge on the role of women and youth in preventing and managing conflicts. Another goal was to reach enhanced understanding on discrimination on gender basis, which allows testing social grievances and its role exacerbating violence in the three above mentioned communities.