Constitution of the secretariat

July the 8th took place the OPEV’s meeting in Amman to sign the Constitution of the Permanent National Secretariat in Jordan.  Representatives of the Jordan National Commission for Women, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development, the East and West Center for Sustainable Development, the Leaders of Tomorrows and the International Institute for Nonviolent Action agreed several points to constitute the Permanent National Secretariat. 

Each member appointed one representative, who had the capacity to appoint one substitute on each meeting. At least one of these appointed representatives had to be a woman to ensure gender balance. The organizations shall elect its members amongst the full members in a national meeting and with a simple majority among attendees. The founding members of OPEV at national level compound the first mandate of the Permanent National Secretariat, and they agreed to form one for a period of two years. Also, the following elected Secretariat will exercise its mandate for three years. 

The members accepted a set of responsibilities, such as to coordinate the actions of individual members when implementing the OPEV’s strategy and the Action Plan at both national and regional levels. To ensure a constant communication and exchanges between the different National Permanent Secretariats and with the Permanent Regional Secretariat as well as the reporting of different actions and activities implemented at the national level. To represent OPEV at a national level, to contribute with any needed available resources whenever possible in order to implement the activities within OPEV at a national level, and to organize and manage different meetings involving all the OPEV members at the national level. 

So, the signatories of this Constitution are Mrs. Samar Muhareb, as representative of ARDD, Dra. Salma Nims representing JNCW, Dr. Sami Hourani as representative of LOT, Mr. Mahmoud Hishmeh of the WE Center and Mrs. Marta Fernández, acting in behalf of Novact.