Niveh World Peace Festival Third Edition

In September the 30th, OPEV Mosul’s team got engaged in the Nineveh World Peace Festival, in the capital the northern Iraqi region. The Festival aims maintaining peace among Niveh’s population, as they experienced years of violence and extremism, which led to major fissures between communities. The festival’s activities are organized by volunteer teams and activists, and folkloric dances and theatrical performances reflect the rich diversity of its community. The message to send to the world is that the city has returned to its cultural, social and artistic position once again and that the people have overcome the sorrowing experiences they suffered. 

As a part of the wider project Youth Engagement for Peace, with the funding of the United Nations Population Fund and in cooperation with LaOnf, the Iraqi Civil Society Initiative, the Iraqi Social Forum, Un Ponte Per and Novact, the OPEV’s team set up their informative stand in the festival. There, team members provided flyers promoting the campaign, informing about the objectives we work on. It was also a good space for our partners to communicate with receivers and to transmit a message about the dangers and symptoms of drugs, as an awareness rising campaign on the harms of drugs in individuals and society.