Training on Peace Building and Prevention of Violent Extremism by Sports Against Violence

A set of training sessions was organized at the quarters of the Iraqi Social Forum from the 12th to the 14th of September where young activists explored issues regarding peacebuilding and prevention of violent extremism. The objective of this workshop was to teach about the key principles and concepts of prevention of violent extremism as well as how to conduct a successful peacebuilding campaign. The workshop also dealt with the practical dimension of the application of these concepts and techniques for events, activities, campaigns and projects. The workshop was conducted through a practical exercise that divided the participants into smaller groups and each one of them was expected to plan their own campaign. Having each member share their experiences led to improving the group’s cohesion and also provided them of a better understanding of extremism and the tools they have to prevent it. During these two days, the trainers were also able to attract new volunteers to Sports Against Violence as they encouraged them to participate in peacebuilding related work. The training was also possible thanks to the cooperation of the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative, Un Ponte Per, the Iraqi Social Forum, the DOZ organization, the International Center for Migration and Development, DOZ as well as the partnership with OPEV.