This space aims to be a library for the compilation of publications, websites, research and policy papers on good practices for the prevention of violent extremism, structural causes that generate extremist violence, the role of young people and women in the prevention, and articles that help understand the framework of current anti-terrorist policies

  1. Civil society and PVE
    10 Reasons Why Civil Society Is an Ally and Not an Adversary in the Struggle Against Violent Extremism (D.Cortright, A Millar, L Gerber-Stellingwerf, G.A. Lopez)

    Addressing Violent Extremism: Creating Spaces For Civil Society Engagement ()
  2. Counter Violence Society
    Countering violent extremism in the MENA region: time to rethink approaches and strategies (M. Bourekba)

    Partnering to build solutions: 2014 Countering Violent Extremism Symposium (L. Waldek & J.Droogan)

  3. Critical Terrorism Studies
    Root causes of terrorism (T. Borjo)

    How New Is the New Terrorism? (I. Duyvesteyn)Three prejudices against terrorism (S.Kaplan)The construction of the discourse on “terrorism” (A. Martini)
  4. Direct, Cultural and Structural Violence
    Cultural Violence (J. Galtung)

  5. Education

    ‘Dangerous Minds’? Deconstructing Counter-Terrorism Discourse, Radicalisation and the ‘Psychological Vulnerability’ of Muslim Children and Young People in Britain (V. Coppock and M. McGovern)

    Educating against extremism: towards a critical politicisation of young people (L. Davis)


    Engaging women in countering violent extremism: avoiding instrumentalisation and furthering agency (G. d’Estaing)

    Education, Identity and Rising Extremism (S. Naraghi Anderlini)

    From the Ground Up. Preventing Extremism by Promoting Rights, Peace & Pluralism ( S.Naraghi and M.Holmes)Uncomfortable Truths, Unconventional Wisdoms (S.Naraghi)

  6. NGO and institutionals repports

    Euromed survey of experts and actors violent extremism in the euromediterranean region (IEMED)

    Global terrorism extremism (Institue for Economics and Peace)

    UNDP’s Work on Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) in the Arab States

  7. Radicalisation

    Radicalization into Violent Extremism II: A Review of Conceptual Models and Empirical Research (R. Borum)

    Radicalism isn’t the problem: it’s the move to violence we need to counter (M.Sedgwick)

  8. Tunisia

    Counter-terror in Tunisia: a road paved with good intentions? (L. Aliaga)

    Violence Extremism and its motivating (M. Ayari)

    Renseignement et terrorisme en phase de transition politique : le cas de la Tunisie (T.Bourgou)

    Assessing the thread. Tunisian foreign fighters

    EU Counterterrorism and the European Neighbourhood Policy: An Appraisal of the Southern Dimension (C. Kaunert & S. Léonard)

  9. Violent Extremisms
    First Steps Towards Hearts and Minds? USAID’s Countering Violent Extremism Policies in Africa (D. Aldrich)

    Violent and Non-Violent Extremism: Two Sides of the Same Coin? (A. Violent)

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